Driveway Cleaning

Unfortunately, over time and due to the nature of the weather in Britain, it can often become plainly obvious that outdoor areas have become coated in stubborn grime, moss and algae. These unsightly conditions can detract from the appealing nature of an outdoor space, meaning that the first impressions of your building fascia, your patio or your driveway can be somewhat undesirable to those witnessing them for the first time.

Here at DM Window Cleaning we understand the concerns this can cause, which is why we offer a premium pressure washing service as one of our many packages. If you operate a commercial property we appreciate that you are proud of your business, and  you want to make a great, long lasting first impression on customers and clients.

Likewise, if you own a residential property, we recognise that you want visitors to be impressed with the way it looks, and you hope that they will wish to return again in the future.

Our pressure washing service is ideal if your decking is starting to look tired and stained due to moss growth, or perhaps your driveway may have been tarnished by oil from your car or other motor vehicles. Similarly, the approach to your commercial property may have been blemished by dried chewing gum that has been thrown on the floor by passers-by – a particular problem in city areas.

Whatever the problem, it is going to make your property look unattractive.

DM Window Cleaning has a range of hi-tech power washing solutions for such problems. We use high-powered jets of water that are compressed through a resilient piping system in order to blast away unpleasant build-up of any nature. The major advantage of such a system is that it uses only a natural product – water – to remove the dirt. As such, it is environmentally friendly as it utilises no chemicals, which makes run-off safe for the surrounding area since it’s free of pollutants.

We are on hand at all times to provide a service which suits any client’s needs. Be you a restaurant owner, supermarket manager or homeowner, our fully ensured pressure washing technicians will deliver an outstanding service making your outdoor space look instantly appealing.

Contact us now for a free quote and enjoy a pressure washing service that covers the whole of Glasgow and the surrounding areas.